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Waking up is the hardest thing to do in life.


I can go to sleep early or super late and still waking up is just the worst.

Who wants to get up and do what they hate doing for 8 hours.

I would rather sleep.

Sleep in a comfy bed, yes please!

I have been searching for ways to make waking up better, but man the struggle is real. I have been trying drinking water, coffee, taking a shower, eating breakfast, loud alarm clocks, and the list continues.

What to do!

One thing that I have recently tried is working out in the morning BEFORE I get the day started.

I know what you are thinking.

Isn’t that worse for waking up? Yes and No.

Yes, because you still have to wake up instead of sleeping in a cozy bed, but no because once you wake up and work out for atleast 30 min and get a good sweat going you are up as a chipper.

I swear this has been the best method for me getting up that I have ever done.

I usually work out alone or I’ll go with my training fitness partner. Yes, I pay for my partners services because lets get real, your best friend will not get out of bed to work out with your ass.

You have to be your own motivator at the end of the day and that is how I motivate myself.

Sue me.

If you need a training fitness partner I’ll share with you mine. See here.

He will be the best thing that has ever happened to your mornings and waking up will turn into the best things ever.

Buy a freaking Limo.

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College or No?

People (thousands) don’t go to college because it it’s so expensive and have to work dead end jobs they can’t afford it or for the stupid reason  that they don’t want to go because it’s hard or they are taking their time and working.  But college is just reading and partying.

To get a piece of paper. A PIECE of paper. And after I get it I will make more money than you.

I will be given the authority to manage other people. And get paid more than those who are working the same hours than me, but getting paid less. And I am younger than they are. Younger. Who am I to order them around? But they have to if they want to work without a degree. The rest of my life I will work. Just four years of college. We will look back and say.. The college days…sigh… Athletes who get all there college pay ford is great. Those who get full rides are living the lives. They get money for food even! They get free food, partying, living, friends just to play a sport, read, write little essays, take tests. No working, because why do they have to if they have to train to their full potential 100% of the time, in order to get the best athlete out of them, a reward. In order to brag about how great their school is, even in athletes.

Most of the time its people who can’t afford college get are blessed with a athlete daughter/ son who were so good at something that it paid for their education that will allow them to get a piece a paper that will give him higher authority in a job and manage. I don’t want to grow old!!! I want to stay young forever!

I am happy with my body and skin. I don’t want to have wrinkles. I want to just replay the last 4 years over again, but maybe in another setting and place. That would be tight.

Life is harder than college. Life you have to work to survive. If you don’t work, you don’t make money, and you become homeless, can’t get things you want, aren’t happy.

Life is FUCKING hard!

I want to stay in college forever!! Forever. My mom goes to the same job, every day except weekends. Why can’t she go to the beach everyday? Why can’t I go to the beach everyday ? Why do I have to waste my life working to make money? Why must I follow what the government says? Why can’t I live on an island exotic little town and do whatever I wanted. I can, but I can’t at the same time.

If I left to live anywhere I would have to work, to get money, to survive and by food. We have to eat everyday to survive. In order to buy food, if you are not going to grow it yourself on a farm, you have to buy the food that you want to ingest in your body that you have to eat everyday in order to survive. Our stomach is the answer to our survival as the human race on planet Earth. Buy WHY?

So just buy a freaking limo!

Eat healthy and exercise 5 days a week

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Eat healthy and exercise 5 days a week

Eating healthy and exercising is something that I have been doing for my entire life. I started playing soccer when I was 5 years old and I have not taken a year off. I work out all the time and eat well. Sometimes too well because I come from a Mexican family that are really good cooks. The best carne asada that I have ever had.

When I was in high school I was a very active athlete as I was either playing basketball, soccer, flag football, or cross country. I was naturally good at sports, but my favorite is soccer because that it the sport I am best at.

After high school I went to community college and played soccer for the school. We had double days in the summer and that was death. We also had practice every day. After I graduated community college I went to the  University of the Pacific and played soccer there as well. The double days there were 10 times worst but I was able to complete them. I can successful say that I passed and did not die.

After college if felt really weird not being able to play soccer all the time due to my job. Due to other circumstances I left that job, but another reason why I left was because it did not allow me to do the things that I wanted too.

Now that I am working with the County I work out every Tuesday with a personal trainer. Every Monday I play indoor soccer. Every Wednesday I either play indoor soccer or condition for a semi pro team. On Thursdays, I train for my semi pro team. On Fridays, I am playing indoor as well.

A lot of exercise my whole like and I do not plan on it changing anytime soon.

Keep your body healthy at all time and happy with you. I would recommend my personal trainer Mike because he is the best in the business. You can click HERE to go to his site.

You need to separate your body from your mind. When you do that you will be mentally healthier and ready to go all the time. Fear is physical. When you are in shape it will be easier to face your fears.


Make challenging situations your BITCH.

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mav champs

mav champs

Make challenging situations your BITCH.

If you come across a difficult situation: It IS OKAY! I repeat: YOU WILL LIVE!

Probably live better because if you keep pushing to try and solve that difficult situation you have now found an answer to a problem and have become that much better as a person. Failure makes you tougher and smarter about life.

I thank the sport soccer because it has taught me a valuable lesson: If you fall, get back up. If you fall again, get back up again. Keep getting up until you have mastered not falling. Just think about how much physically and mentally smarter you will become every time you get back up on your feet. Think about what people will think about you when you get back up. They will respect you for trying your hardest and not giving up.

Remarkable people know the secret to success is understanding that failure is part of an amazing life. Every experience that you go through can be used as a life lesson. Life is a 20% of what happens to you and the rest is how you react to that situation.

Through struggle comes great reward and strength. Remember that.


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My whole life I’ve seen my father and my mother work 8 to 5 jobs, 40 hours a week. My mom got her bachelors washy have three kids and working full-time. Now I have my bachelors and I’m working full-time. My parents are happy for me and so is my family. But I’m not happy. I believe it there’s another way, that there’s more opportunities out there. What I mean by opportunities is that we shouldn’t be stuck on the 8 to 5 job that you don’t like. Right now I’m with the Sacramento County and it’s a good job but I’m not passionate about it whatsoever. I dread going to work every morning and I want to call in sick. I only go for the money. Now the times have changed and new technology is a rising and education is booming I believe There’s different Opportunities now then there were back then.

I want to be an entrepreneur. If you don’t know what an entrepreneur is it somebody that is self-employed and invest time and money into the present so that their future could be a success without working 8 to 5. Or somebody who wants time freedom and wants to be financially free. And entrepreneur someoneWho’s not afraid to work hard now for the benefits later, but later as in your younger years. Most people wait all their lives until they are 65 and are able to retire. And then when they retire they realize that they still don’t have the money that they thought they would. They end up retiring Poor and they’re not able to travel as much as they thought or do whatever they please as much as I thought.

I want to be financially free and independent and have my time. To me time is most valuable thing in this world and we should work hard to gain our time back. Right now I have a few things in the works and they will be successful. Hey but if I fail I’m gonna learn from my mistakes and keep working at it. I have already cried many times and I was mild many other times. But I know that it’s going to be all worth it